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Films that inspire, content that moves, giving voice to untold stories.

At Filmhouse, we are an energetic, passionate, and driven team. We have the experience needed to tell your story or share your brand in the best way possible. Using stunning visuals and strong storytelling we are able to both captivate and inspire your audience.

We do this by offering the absolute best in video production services right here in Gqeberha.

Offering everything from crew to gear and post production services,  we have everything needed in-house to bring your production to life.

Our dynamic team at Filmhouse has experience in most production environments bringing a wide range of skills to the table. We work together as a strong unit in order to give a modern and fresh take on Film making, storytelling and content creation.

It’s not just about the end product, but the journey to create something truly special. 

Although our studios are based in Gqeberha, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, we offer video production services throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Filmhouse is a one stop solution for a range of production services.

From corporate companies looking for their next corporate video, training video or brand films to film crews or documentary crews needing a fixer, production assistant, sound mixer, director or DOP. 


At FilmHouse we know how to tell stories, from traveling the African continent documenting refugee’s stories, to traveling deep underground to tell the stories of miners working in gold mines. We have spent nights in the mountains following runners as they trek through the mountains in 50 degree heat. Our team has flown with Red Bull air race pilot Patrick Davidson and captured his journey from small town pilot to racing on the world stage. 

We love adventure and being able to share stories no matter how extreme the conditions, how sensitive the topic, or how far we need to go.


A company is more than just its corporate identity, its a culture and a history. It’s a group of people working together in support of a common goal. We strive to understand the corporate culture of our customers and will work within the parameters of their corporate identity to develop effective and captivating videos. 

Our team has experience filming a wide variety of event and corporate videos from training, internal communication, safety, technology, educational, promotional and conference videos.
From conceptualisation and storyboarding to delivering the final video, our team will tell your companies story.


Whether filming a national TV commercial in studio with a large crew or marketing your home grown products with a small crew of 1 or 2 people, FilmHouse is here to tell your story and market your business in new ways.

Having a young and dynamic team at FilmHouse means we have a great understanding of what is trending, what direction your social media videos might need, and how to reach your target audience at home and on the move.


From studios to crew and equipment, we have everything you would need to make your production happen in Gqeberha, and the Eastern Cape.

If you need a DOP, Director, Fixer, Location Scout, Gaffer, Grip, Production assistant or any other crew, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

We have experience working with crews all over the world and our extensive knowledge of the Eastern cape means we can help get the shots you need in the time you need them done.